What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.  It consists of a series of short codes or tags typed into a text file by the author.  The text is then saved as a html file, (Example: home.html) and viewed through a browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome.  The tags will tell the browser how to display text, images and media.  The browser reads the file and translates the text into a visible form, hopefully rendering the page based on the tags.

 Writing your own HTML entails using tags correctly to create your vision. You can use anything from a rudimentary text-editor to a powerful graphical editor to create HTML pages.

Here’s the most famous example:



        <title>Hello There!</title>



        <p>Hello there, welcome to my website. <br /> My name is Dan.




The <html> tag sets up the document for the browser

The <head> tag contains code that will be “invisible” to the browser but can benefit the page or site.  Code such as JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets usually go here.  (More on those later).

The <title> tag allows you to name the page, which will show up in the upper left of the browser window or the tab for that window.

The <body> tag sets up what will be visible to the browser.  The actual content of the page.

The <p> tag is a paragraph tag.  This sets up a paragraph for the browser and is a great way to place text in the page.

And each have closing tags </title> </head></p< </body></html> closing each section.  If you look carefully, you will see that each must be closed diametrically to each opening tag.  You can “nest” tag sections, as in the head and title sections, but they must be “closed” in the order in which they were “opened.”

There are special tags that don’t require closing tags.  Look and you will see the line break tag


And here’s how it would all look on a browser:

Hello there, welcome to my website.
My name is Dan.

That’s it! 

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